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Pam Ulfers joined Arlington/Roe in 2024 as a Commercial Binding Assistant Underwriter. She began her career in the insurance industry in 1998, where she worked at GuideOne for 25 years.

During her time there, Pam held various roles, beginning with file clerk when physical paper files were still the norm. She quickly moved through the ranks, becoming a supervisor in corporate Employee Services in 1999. Her career continued to evolve with positions like senior corporate employee services specialist (2000-2011), loss control coordinator (2011-2013) and commercial underwriting assistant/commercial underwriter (2013-2018). Between 2018 and 2021, Pam took on the role of senior commercial underwriting assistant/commercial underwriter and then specialty underwriting associate with the E&S team, culminating in her role as E&S underwriter from 2021 to 2023.

Pam thrives on the analytical aspects of underwriting, enjoying the challenge of ensuring all the pieces fit perfectly. She values creativity and collaborates with agents and brokers to offer quality insurance products to clients.

Outside of work, Pam enjoys a rich family life with her husband, Dallas, two beautiful daughters, and two wonderful grandchildren—a boy and a girl. Cooking and baking are among her favorite hobbies, with weekends often filled with baking cookies for her grandkids. Pam also enjoys Escape Rooms with her family. When she’s not spending time with her loved ones, Pam works on jigsaw puzzles and reads books, particularly those in the spy, thriller, and horror genres.