Our broad market availability helps Arlington/Roe’s transportation team offer competitive options for all of your clients’ garage liability, garage keepers and dealer’s open lot needs.

If you don't see what you're looking for or you're unsure of which application to complete, please reach out to one of the contacts below.
  • Completed Company Application or Garage Quote Sheet
  • 3 Year Loss History
  • MVRs
  • Vehicle Schedule
  • Listing of All Employees & Owners in the Operation
  • Auto Detailers
  • Construction/Farm Equipment Sales & Service
  • Mobile/Roadside Service
  • Motorcycle Sales & Service
  • RV Dealers (Dealers Open Lot Only)
  • Salvage Yards
  • Service Operations
  • Tire Sales & Service
  • Towing Operations
  • Truck - Tractor/Trailer Sales & Service
  • Used Auto Dealers/Wholesalers
  • Valet Parking
  • Can add service vehicles
  • Ability to add property coverage with select carriers
  • Package capabilities
  • Tools coverage
  • Dealers Open Lot (physical damage on inventory)
  • Renee Anderson
  • Brian Collins
  • Christa Loudin
  • Anna Sheehan
  • Eloise Trosper
  • Garage Keepers (customer's vehicle physical damage)
  • Garage Liability (auto liability & general liability)
  • Property
  • Dealer's Errors & Omissions
  • Fire Legal Liability


Renee Anderson

Transportation Senior Underwriter 800-878-9891 ext. 8620
Territories: All States
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Brian Collins, CPCU, AU, AIS, AINS

Transportation Senior Underwriter 800-878-9891 ext 8583
Territories: All States
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Christa Loudin

Transportation Senior Underwriter 800-878-9891 ext 8709
Territories: All States
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Anna Sheehan, AGI

Transportation Underwriter 800-878-9891 ext 2394
Territories: KY
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Eloise Trosper, AU

Transportation Underwriter 800-878-9891 ext 8697
Territories: All States
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